September 9, 2019

This is one top notch product with even better ownership!!! Arliss worked with me and went above and beyond answering questions. Communication was unbelievable!! Arliss went way above and beyond and out of his way to help me. I hunt in the mountains of North Carolina and on trails that are very rough and my bow stayed put!!! Thank you Arliss / Bowkaddy. Thank you!

Jason Absher, Granite Falls, North Carolina

July 3, 2018

I did a lot of research on bow mounts and just couldn't find the one for me. So I called Bowkaddy which had the mount I wanted for the bow but I questioned about possibly making a quick detach for (the Can Am) Linq system. They said absolutely will customize one for you! I was blown away. Most companies would never take the time to do that for you. A few weeks later I received a prototype and it's perfect! 100% happy and now have the best bow holder for my ATV that money can buy, not to mention the finest customer service out there. Thank you!

Neil Bear, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

September 18, 2016

Have had one for years... Quick and easy access to my bow. My friend has had one even longer, and collectively have had zero problems. Great value!!

Dave Donald, Edmonton, Alberta

September 14, 2016

Very quality product, mounted to the Honda Pioneer 500 without issue, the pressure cams hold the bow very secure, and the adaptability of the mounting plate makes this a "can't live without" option for any side by side on the market. Bow goes from truck seat to bow bracket in seconds, and pops off just as fast. Tested on some pretty bouncy back roads going faster than I probably should have, and my bow was unscathed and well protected. Highly recommend this product to anyone that spends time hunting from a UTV or quad!

Derek Bechtel, Ellensburg, Washington

honda pioneer bow rack

April 26, 2016

In all the years I have been hunting, no other kaddy even comes close to this. Bowkaddy is the most versatile, the strongest, and easiest to put together. I felt my bow was completely safe in it unlike others I have tried. I would highly recommend this kaddy to everyone. It's a great investment. Top quality. You will not be disappointed.

Mike Barkley, Brinston, Ontario

April 26, 2016

Off-roading in our lava fields is not a joke and very harsh on equipment. To have a holder that can withstand all the bumps, bruises and whoop de doo's is a blessing! I've owned other holders that just couldn't hack it. The Kaddy is rock solid!!

Jason Oandasan, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

March 17, 2016

I hunt elk, deer, predators, and pronghorn in some of the roughest areas in the west. My ATV is a workhorse, not a toy. I had been seeking a rugged and secure system to transport my expensive set up into wilderness boundaries where I hunt. I found exactly that with Alaris Concepts' Bowkaddy. The Bowkaddy is a solid solution for transporting my bow into the back country. The solid, yet removable design allows me to have piece of mind while navigating my ATV on the tough ORV trails of Wyoming and Colorado. I shoot a longer axle bow, and the alternatives to the Bowkaddy just plain fall abysmally short. While ATV accessory manufacturers cater to firearm transport, Bowkaddy is the real deal for serious bow hunters. The Bowkaddy Bow Kover is a fool proof way to keep my bow safe and protected from the elements. It also allows ATV operators to follow hunting weapon transportation laws for a couple of my favorite hunting destinations (Illinois and Colorado). With versatile options to fit just about any hunting vehicle, I especially recommend the Bowkaddy system to anyone who operates an ATV/UTV into their hunting areas.

Justin Hood, Lander, Wyoming

"I want to thank you for the Bowkaddy system. It is everything I hoped it would be. I included some photos of my installation. One hole drilled and used Polaris' Lock & Ride system. Thanks again."

Eric Eyraud, Bakersfield, California

"(Bowkaddy) works great. This is the third ATV bow rack I have tried. Finally found what I was looking for with your offering. I would have saved money if I would have gotten yours first."

Kirk Wondra, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"I bought a Bowkaddy a couple years ago and love it. I don't even put my bow in the case anymore."

Michael Treat, Ada, Oklahoma

"Bowkaddy is the way to go...I'm picking my new Ranger up in a couple weeks and already have the 'Kaddy on my List to Order...I let my other one go with the Grizzly; it was one of the selling points when the guy seen it."

Alan Gaut, Meadville, Pennsylvania

"The Bowkaddy is exactly what I was looking for. If you use your truck for work and play the Bowkaddy is the only option for packing your bow in your vehicle. With my work equipment and hunting gear inside my truck the Bowkaddy keeps my bow out of harm's way. No more bulky hard cases taking up all the room in my truck. The installation worked great and the service after the sale is top notch. Thanks for a great product!!!"

Tom Plouffe, Whitecourt, Alberta

"I purchased two bow kaddies for my 2008 Polaris RZR, the guys from Alaris Concepts were awesome to deal with, and the kaddies were easy to set up. I recently added them to my Camper trailer, wife doesn’t notice, and when I go hunting it’s a great place to securely and safely store my bow instead of a bulky bow case! Thank you, great product!"

Chad Larson, Calgary, Alberta

"This is the ultimate solution for carrying bows. We mounted one on each side of the plywood deck on my pickup during the antelope hunt. Worked fantastic. No more bows on the front seat with the other clutter. Leave the trail and out on to the main road, no problem, bow is still held securely. A must have for the bow hunter."

Terry James, Leduc, Alberta

"The Bowkaddy is the best bow rack on any ATV that I have used. I have placed them on all my quads. It's the best product that I have come across. Thanks to the people (at Alaris Concepts) who developed it. It has made my life a lot easier."

Garry Fedoretz, Edmonton, Alberta

"Just a note to let you know how impressed I am with the design and functionality of the Bowkaddy. Installation was easy, and I am no longer concerned about the security of my bow during transport. Thanks again for a quick and thorough response to my technical questions, and congratulations on a great product."

Mike Hogan, Fort Pierce, Florida

"Thank you, Bowkaddy. We just wrapped up our bear hunting for this spring and used both products extensively for the past 2 months. They work great, easy to install and, more importantly, are very easy to move from ATV to ATV. No more bulky hard cases that take a century to get your bow out of, undoing all those bungee cords. The Bowkaddy holds any bow tight, is adjustable for any bow and makes accessing your bow a lot easier."

Jason Peterson, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"The rack has been well thought out and provides for a safe method of keeping your bow handy for quick accessibility...It is very versatile and quick to set up for a different bow should the need arise...I think this bow rack is the best idea that I have ever seen for transporting a bow in a pickup, either inside or outside. Actually, any vehicle that you use for your hunting adventures (including boats) could use this system."

Rufus Barker, Corinne, Utah

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"I just finished the install and just love this product. This is going to make our lives easier and safer in the field."

Chris Thiessen, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"I am very impressed with every aspect of Bowkaddy. If you transport your bow to and from your hunting area in a pickup or ATV, you need one of these. The setup was simple and the product is made to last. There is no doubt to say that Bowkaddy is a revolutionary change in the way we store, transport and protect our hunting equipment."

Jason Balazs, Bowhunting.Net

"It's an extremely well built piece of equipment. I love this thing! I'm gonna put it on my ATV to carry my bow. I'm tired of carrying it on my knee. I've had some other types that mount to your handlebars and mount to your racks; the bow bounces all over the place. I'm sure you get a little bounce out of this, too, but nothing like the other stuff...(the bow) holds in there extremely well...I really enjoy this product."

Jeff Thomason, Smyna, Tennessee

"Following the step by step instructions my Bowkaddy was a very easy install. This is the best bow mount I've found and money well spent to protect my bow."

Greg Smeal, Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

"I got one mounted on my four wheeler and I think that it's well worth the money. I used to carry my bow in a gun rack and it bounced all over the place. With Bowkaddy, it doesn't bounce a bit."

Freddie Beavers, Cabot, Arkansas

"We tried Bowkaddy on my husband's wheelchair to see if it could be used and mounted to accommodate a physically challenged archer who uses a compound was quite simple and easy to mount to his battery-powered Trax wheelchair. We have also tried it on a golf cart that we use on some of our hunts with the PCBA. Bowkaddy will be a must have for our 2006 hunts where we're transporting hunters with the golf carts, Workhorses and Gators into the field. It is a terrific product."

Karen & Marvin Vought, PCBA, Inc. (Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America), Pennsylvania

"Bowkaddy comes well packed in a sturdy shipping package, well-marked and labelled. The instructions for mounting and putting the product together were very easy with great illustrations and easy to follow directions. The product itself is extremely sturdy and felt like something I could really have an immediate confidence in...The options are limitless in what you can do and where you can mount this thing. Bowkaddy has given me an easy and classy alternative to propping my bow in the corner or hanging it from a hook. Bowkaddy looks great and is great for many applications. All in all, I'm very impressed with Bowkaddy. I think Arliss hit the nail on the head with this product."

Patrick Gordon, Bowhunting.Net

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